Doctors have been investigating the causes of Alzheimer’s for over 100 years without much success.  But one of the key scientific breakthroughs in recent decades was the discovery that individuals with one or more copies of the APOE-4 gene have a significantly higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s.


Involved in the storage of long-term memory. Includes all past knowledge and experiences.

Everyone has the APOE gene on chromosome 19, but what is known as variant (allele) epsilon four or APOE-4 has been shown to be a key contributor to the breakdown of brain connections and cells that causes Alzheimer’s. While variant two (APOE-2) protects the brain, APOE-4 causes a protein called APP to subdivide into four chemical messengers that subsequently begin to strip “non-essential” brain cells, typically starting with those that subserve memory.

Over time, if the APOE-4 protein continues to send “bad” messages to the APP proteins, large clumps of amyloid-beta plaques begin to build up inside the brain.  Regions of the brain begin to shrink and die, first those that handle memory and later those that handle language and complex thought processes, the terrifyingly familiar symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

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Taking the APOE test is safe and easy.  All you must do is provide a saliva sample in the privacy of your own home, and mail it to the testing laboratory for analysis.  HIPAA and other medical privacy laws in the United States ensure that only you and your doctor will have access to your test results.  The testing laboratory is forbidden by law to share the results with anyone without your express written permission.

While it is true that just having the APOE-4 variant does not guarantee that you will develop Alzheimer’s, a comprehensive gene workup and analysis of your nutritional condition is the best way to protect yourself.

Making key lifestyle and dietary changes are proactive steps that you can take to help protect you from ever developing Alzheimer’s as well as cardiovascular diseases, inflammatory illnesses like arthritis, and autoimmune disorders.

These include:

  • Eating a healthy diet free from sugars and gluten.
  • Consuming little or no red meat.
  • Addressing vitamin deficiencies with supplements and/or diet.
  • Regularly participating in physical exercise.
  • Maintaining a correct hormonal balance.
  • Eliminating/reducing exposure to toxic substances.
  • Participating in intellectually stimulating activities to keep the brain sharp.

The current medications on the market for treating Alzheimer’s exert only a modest effect, and do not slow down the progress of the disease. They cannot stop or reverse the progress of this terrible disease.

The reason why making lifestyle and dietary changes is so important is because we now know that Alzheimer’s is your body’s way of trying to protect you from exposure to toxins, to correct vitamin and hormonal imbalances, and to fight off inflammation.  When you enjoy a healthy diet and lifestyle, the APOE gene will once again be able to send the right messages to the APP in cells in your brain, preventing or reversing the progression of Alzheimer’s and cognitive decline.

The best way to prevent developing Alzheimer’s is to get tested.  Using the ReCODE protocols, your doctor can use the results of your APOE test to design a customized plan of action to ensure that you continue to enjoy a healthy, sharp brain for years to come.